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Age Range:
18 months - 2.5 years
Areas of Learning:

Early Language & Socialization

Sensory Stimulation

Physical Play

Toddlers have progressed to the age of exploration – everything in their world is new and exciting and it is a wonderful time to harness that energy and curious spirit. The instructors in our Toddler Program are trained specifically to address the curious minds and constant need for exploration and learning. At this age we continue to lay the foundation for learning and begin to introduce a structured environment.

In the Toddler Program, you can expect your child to work on:

  • language development – listening, understanding and communicating
  • physical development – motor skills and health practices
  • self-concept/regulation
  • social and emotional skills
  • observation, exploration, and creative expression

In addition to physical and educational development, we believe strongly in the emotional development of your child. Through various proprietary methods, small group exercises and carefully supervised peer group interaction, you can be confident in your child’s care.

 Toddler Care & Activities Daily Sample Schedule

Learning through play is our focus for your busy Toddler. We have great lessons and activities for your one year and two year old. They’ll have a full and fun day when they enroll at Cedar Crest Academy!

Child’s Choice – Discovery Centers
Circle Time
Two Rotating Classes each day

  • Spanish
  • Technology
  • Arts/Music
  • Recreation (P.E.)

Outdoor Play
Story Time
Rest Time/Quiet Time
Snack Time
Outdoor Play
Child’s Choice – Discovery Centers