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Age Range:
3 - 4 years
Areas of Learning:

Creative Kaleidoscope of Learning

Math & Science

Language Arts & Social Studies

Your preschooler is fine tuning his mastery of social situations and motor skills, while gaining the basic skills needed for academic success. Our staff will provide your child with learning experiences to ensure their confidence and independence.

Our Preschool Program provides opportunities for growth in:

  • Language and Emerging Literacy – associating sounds with written words, name and letter writing and recognition
  • Mathematics – ability to match, sort and regroup, creating patterns, and recognizing placement
  • Science – using simple tools for exploring, participating in simple investigations, and collecting and describing information
  • Social and Emotional Development – progression in self-awareness, cooperation, and following directions
  • Approaches to Learning – ability to maintain concentration despite distractions, and participation in a wide variety of learning experiences
  • Physical Health and Development – increase in strength and stamina, and increased coordination

Preschool Program Daily Sample  Schedule

We believe our educational child care program will help your preschooler enter pre-kindergarten better prepared, making for an easier transition for you and your child.

Child’s Choice – Discovery Centers
Circle Time
Outdoor Recreation (P.E.)
SMART™ Board/Computer Lab
Story Time
Rest Time/Quiet Time
Snack Time
Art & Music
Outdoor Play
Child’s Choice – Discovery Centers