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Age Range:
4 – 5 years
Areas of Learning:

Kindergarten Club

Social Development

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Through a wealth of hands-on experiences, your PreKindergartener will build a great foundation for Kindergarten readiness. Our Pre-K Program will challenge your child, while fostering a lifelong love of learning.

You can expect your PreKindergartener to develop in the areas of:

  • Language – understanding and following multi-step directions, increased understanding of complex and varied vocabulary, growing ability to understand and use language to communicate information, experiences, ideas, feelings, opinions, needs and questions
  • Literacy – increase in phonological awareness, growing interest and involvement in listening to and discussing a variety of fiction and nonfiction books and poetry, making connections between own life and related events in books, print awareness, early writing and knowledge of alphabet
  • Mathematics – increased interest and awareness of numbers and counting as a means for solving problems, geometry and spatial sense, patterns and measurement
  • Science – develop increasing ability to observe and discuss common properties, differences and comparisons among objects and materials, increasing knowledge of the environment, cause and effect relationships, time and temperature, making predictions and generalizations
  • Creative Arts – participate and enjoy a variety of music activities, gain ability to use different art media and materials in a variety of ways, growing creativity and imagination in using materials and in assuming different roles in dramatic play situations
  • Social and Emotional Development – progression in expressing self-awareness and feelings, increasing progression in the areas of social relationships, cooperation, and knowledge of families and communities
  • Approaches to Learning – increased ability to make independent choices, eagerness to learn about a range of topics, increasing ability to set goals and follow through, growth in reasoning and problem solving
  • Physical Health and Development – growing strength, dexterity and control, increased proficiency in large motor skills, growing independence in personal care, active participation in organized games, outdoor play and other forms of exercise

Pre-Kindergarten Daily Sample Schedule

We’ve designed the pre-k schedule, to include some typical elements of a kindergarten class schedule, with an understanding that your child isn’t quite in kindergarten yet and still needs more developmental play time. Our goal is to help your child develop at a pace right for them. We provide the environment where that can be achieved so they can enter kindergarten and elementary school with confidence.

Child’s Choice – Learning Centers
Circle Time
Outdoor Recreation (P.E.)
SMART™ Board/Computer Lab
Story Time
Rest Time/Quiet Time
Snack Time
Art & Music
Outdoor Play
Child’s Choice – Learning Centers